Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Etsy shop has moved!

I've been busy in the last couple of nights and have changed my etsy shop web address, it can now be found at www.etsy.com/shop/amywilson01 so please keep an eye out for new items being listed!

I wanted to change it so that it was in my name and hopefully will now be easier for people to find!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


I have been busy preparing some more canvases and other surfaces to paint on today, lots of gold every where...i love it!

I decided to try using gold spray paint as a base as well as the usual gold leaf. Im still yet to try painting over it but i will let you know how it goes. 

Finally more of my paintings..

Here are a few of my more recent paintings, i realised today i have still only got three up on my blog so i though i would treat you all to some more!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Greeting Cards up in the Shop!

So i got my greeting cards stamped and up in my Etsy Shop this evening! Go and take a look, see what you think.

Friday, 23 September 2011

My stamp arrived!

After only 2 days my custom made stamp has come in the post and im so pleased with it! I have already been busy with it and after a little practice got all my cards printed and packaged up. Next to photograph them and put them up in my Etsy Shop!

Here is a little preview...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Oh yes..

I don't know if you had noticed but i am now 'The Amy Wilson Creative Co.' i've finally decided on a proper name for myself and as you can see bellow have stared the ball rolling with the branding.

Stamp it?

Soo thinking more about how to brand the cards now they are ready to be sold, and i have come to the conclusion that printing a logo of some sort will be the neatest and quickest way to go about things.

I considered stencils, but they are just too messy and time consuming. So i did a little research and found a website you can get a custom made rubber stamp from! And for not to high a price ether considering how much use it will get! The English Stamp Company is really user friendly, you just click custom stamps, then upload your own image and follow the instructions. My stamp came in at about £18 then another £5 for an ink pad (optional), though i probably could have found that cheaper else where.

I had already designed what i wanted in photoshop, keeping it simple with text from my etsy shop banner. Then I made sure it was the right size as you have to upload it to the English Stamp Co site the size you want it made. I wanted it to look neat but quirky, here it is below.
A positive side of this technique is that i can print in any number of colours i like to suit the style of the card which will be handy.
So anyway that is in the factory being created a we speak! Very exciting i can't wait to get it through the post!


I have been working on some handmade cards, among other things, and so far i am quite pleased with the result! I have been using window cards and creating little paintings on thick paper to go behind the window. I've got a small range of sizes in white and cream, each are different and individual but will feature a certain colour and style theme.
Anyway here are some photo's so let me know what you think!

Im thinking about pricing them at £9 for the largest, £5 for the Medium and £3.50 for the smallest. I still have to work out how to sign/brand the cards but once i do they will be available to buy in my etsy shop! So keep an eye out.


I've just created my own Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr buttons for my blog. Im not sure the work perfectly but i am pleased for a first attempt!

<<<<<What do you think?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Etsy Shop Continues!

So i have been slowly working on my Etsy shop, I have now created my personalised banner for the page and added another seven paintings!
Im not overly happy with the picture quality so ill be taking some better photographs soon.
I also want to get some of my other types of work up there, i have been through my photograph bank and picked out prints to be sold, i just wish there was more time to create things!!

Anyway please keep an eye on my shop and feel free to contact me if you would like to know anything or are interested in any of the pieces!

amy_wilson01@hotmail.co.uk  xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Last night i created a shop on Etsy.com and put up my first three paintings for sale! Very exciting. Everyone go and take a look! Hopefully this is the start of something big.
So you can buy my paintings for £35 each from my Etsy shop! I hope you take a look, more items to be posted soon!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Painting..my first attempt

Here are my first few attempts at painting on canvas, all 5x5 inches using acrylic. The first two are based on the sea, the second a more abstract piece. I had the idea for the third while at the Bristol Balloon Festival last weekend.

I put a base coat on in deep blue or purple, then covered the canvases in imitation gold and silver leaf to give a shine and vibrance under the paint. I am really enjoying working like this, it gives amazing results.  i have also used metal leaf lacquer over the top of the finished painting to give a rich shine to the canvas. I would love to know what people think of them.

Surprise Sale!

So today i was walking down Park Street on the way to Tesco, and i came across this stationary shop. I went in just in to kill some time really and look around, but what did i find at the back? A basket full of liquitex heavy body with 25% off! I may have got a little excited and bought 3 tubes, despite having noo money at all. Any way this is a link to their website, its under construction at the moment but your might be able to find a bargain there soon, and if you live in bristol head to Park Street!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Starry Night...

Today i have been researching some artists in an attempt to find inspiration for my next painting. I am still waiting on a big order of paint from Cowling and Wilcox, who by the way have awesome discount prices on art supplies so you should all go and have a look. Anyway i'm waiting for this order and i didn't want to start anything else without the right colours so i though i would do so research while i waited.

Im thinking of using Van Gogh's work for the next piece, Starry Night in particular has really taken me. I want to take from the colour palette and style to create something new.
Here it is anyway, i just love the movement in the shapes. I am really being drawn to flowing, energetic images at the moment, this subject also relates back to my uni project in style, shape and colour.

It's a beauty ehy.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Current Project... Water

At the moment i am working on a summer project for uni, based on water. Its still in it's beginnings but here is the mood board i created today..

Im looking into both colour and and shape created by water, particularly i'm interested in using light floating fabrics, very thin and sheer. Using layers to build up texture. Already i take from this board  an idea of contrast between very hard jagged shapes that can be created by ice and the soft flowing movement of water.