Monday, 22 August 2011

Starry Night...

Today i have been researching some artists in an attempt to find inspiration for my next painting. I am still waiting on a big order of paint from Cowling and Wilcox, who by the way have awesome discount prices on art supplies so you should all go and have a look. Anyway i'm waiting for this order and i didn't want to start anything else without the right colours so i though i would do so research while i waited.

Im thinking of using Van Gogh's work for the next piece, Starry Night in particular has really taken me. I want to take from the colour palette and style to create something new.
Here it is anyway, i just love the movement in the shapes. I am really being drawn to flowing, energetic images at the moment, this subject also relates back to my uni project in style, shape and colour.

It's a beauty ehy.

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