Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stamp it?

Soo thinking more about how to brand the cards now they are ready to be sold, and i have come to the conclusion that printing a logo of some sort will be the neatest and quickest way to go about things.

I considered stencils, but they are just too messy and time consuming. So i did a little research and found a website you can get a custom made rubber stamp from! And for not to high a price ether considering how much use it will get! The English Stamp Company is really user friendly, you just click custom stamps, then upload your own image and follow the instructions. My stamp came in at about £18 then another £5 for an ink pad (optional), though i probably could have found that cheaper else where.

I had already designed what i wanted in photoshop, keeping it simple with text from my etsy shop banner. Then I made sure it was the right size as you have to upload it to the English Stamp Co site the size you want it made. I wanted it to look neat but quirky, here it is below.
A positive side of this technique is that i can print in any number of colours i like to suit the style of the card which will be handy.
So anyway that is in the factory being created a we speak! Very exciting i can't wait to get it through the post!

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